Monday, February 4, 2013

Glass Half Full?

Members of the Morris Commercial J Type Van forum and followers of Bugly's Blog have know for some time that Lou sold his van "Bugly" to be used in an advertising campaign. Although Bugly's new owners were a secret, various hints regarding chocolate and the colour purple let us all guess that Bugly's new life would be promoting Cadbury's chocolate. For some time Cadburys have been running their "Joyville" promotion where they use a range of different quirky vehicles, all painted in trademark purple, so a J Type seems a good choice.

The new advertising campaign went to air in Australia last night, but as a viewer of ABC television I had to learn about it from the internet. Here's the youtube video. The promotion is called Joyville Special Delivery. It seems that there is a competition where they will deliver the winners a chocolate sculpture of something that gives them joy, personally they can keep the choccy and just leave the delivery van.

There are already a number of mentions of the van (or is that vans?) on the internet. Cadbury's are calling it "The Joymobile". The work was done by Jade Auto Repair in Sydney.  I have had my spies  out today to have a stickybeak through the doorway of their workshop. Sure enough there's the Joymobile.

Joymobile at Jade Auto Repair. Photo courtesy Ryan Paterson
The big question is, how many Joymobiles are there? Cadburys is a multinational with a major presence in Australia, New Zealand and the UK
Apparently the ad was filmed in NZ and the promotion seems to be running there too. But did they ship Bugly across and back just to film it, or is there another in NZ? Could there be more than one here? I found a mention on the internet that Jade Auto Repair did up "the vans", so there may be more. Are they doing the same promotion in the UK?

Anyway, aside from the rather lurid colour scheme, its nice to see Bugly back on the road and even working, and the ad is going to bring more attention to the J type so that has to be a good thing.