Monday, June 20, 2011

How the Engine Shroud Shouldn't Look,

 Charlie was after some pictures of a J van engine shroud, so I took some of mine to show what they aren't meant to look like. They aren't meant to have a vacuum brake booster rivetted to the rear face, or an automatic gear shifter welded to the side of them.

They shouldn't have a choke knob on the rearward face either, its meant to be standing up vertically in that hole in the far rear corner (and its called a bi-starter control in Solex lingo). Those aluminium pop-rivets aren't meant to be there either, neither is that cut and bend just in front of the choke knob, or that big gap next to the drivers's seat. In fact the whole rear section should be about 6 inches forward of here.

They aren't meant to be patched together and extended with scraps of aluminium sheet either, but thats how to do it if you want to fit a six cylinder where there's really only room for a four cylinder.

 It looks bad, but I think its mostly complete, so it shouldn't be too hard to piece it back together and weld up all the superfluous rivet holes.

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