Monday, August 16, 2010

At last a J Type

I'm not sure why I first became interested in Morris J Type vans. I think reading too many British classic cars magazines is largely to blame. Until now I've been a faithful Mini and Moke owner, but along the way I've had occasional fantasies about branching out. Over the years I admit to looking lustfully at several Morris Minors, a Standard Vanguard and at one stage made an offer on a Morris J Type. Unfortunately the seller laughed in my face at the paltry offer (and then failed to sell the car for maybe another 15 years). However there's something about their quirky appearance that has kept calling me back, so when I found one on ebay, only a couple of hundred kilometres from home I got interested. I was very much in two minds about bidding. I have more than enough projects to keep me going. A 1977 Leyland Moke that is in need of maintenance and a 1961Morris Mini Traveller that needs full restoration, not to mention a 1955 BSA C11G and a 1969 Triumph Trophy that both need attention (oh then there's the 1925 Armstrong Siddeley in my Dad's garage). Anyway I put a bid on at the $800 starting price and was very surprised to 'win'.  At this stage the van is still unseen at the sellers house, and I still have to arrange collection and payment. Until I can delve into it a bit I won't even know what I've bought. Here are a couple of the pictures from the ebay listing.

Apparently the engine has been removed (its lying in the back) and a Holden grey motor fitted, with an auto gearbox. I'll have to wait and see how bad things look before I make a decision about that. Maybe a six cylinder isn't a bad idea...


  1. Hey! Another J-Type! Welcome Tim, and looking forward to reading all about your restoration as it evolves. Guess like Bugly, it won't happen overnight, but it WILL happen!

    You will see through reading some of the other J-Type blogs that nothing is insurmountable ... just look at what some of the J-vanners are starting work with!

  2. Hi Tim, well done on starting the blog, I know its going to be a good one. While we wait for you to collect your new purchase, how about posting some pictures of your other vehicles?
    All the best

  3. Hello Tim. Wanna be honest, i was a little bit jealous on you, cause i had the van on my "waching"status on ebay, but i´m located in austria, and my next holidays would have been in december and the seller didnt want to store the van so long and so i did´nt gave a bit on ebay, so you are the lucky winner! I hope you have a lots of fun with the van. If you ever thing about giving up the projekt, please, contact me. Otherwise; good luck!!! :-) I hope to see some nice pictures and describinbigs of the work progress!!!

    All the best!

    Greets from Vienna, Austria


  4. I was watching your van on E bay but I bought the one advertised in Sydney the blue 101
    I am one up on you I have 2 mokes in the garage to keep the van company

  5. Hi John, two Mokes in Geelong? We must know people in common. Your van is brilliant, a long way at the other end of the scale to mine.

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