Thursday, August 19, 2010

Its Home!

Coming off the 'big rig'.
The last bit of sunshine
I spent a long day of driving with my Dad to collect the old girl. It was about a 450km round trip, and took most of the day. It was pretty full on so I only managed to take a couple of photos when we were unloading back home. I hired a monster truck and a trailer to do the towing, my RAV4 was going to be a little bit dicey. I'm glad I did, the hired vehicle did it easily and I wasn't stressing about it all the way.

I haven't had a chance to give it a proper check over, but first impressions are that its pretty rough. It looks like the engine conversion was done a while ago, its fully installed and looks like its been in there a long time. The back is full of rusty junk and rotten wood, I'll have to dig it all out and see what's there. There are a lot of obvious parts missing, but spares of others. A quick look over for dates showed a 1950 voltage regulator and some of the remaining glass seems to show first quarter 1951, so maybe a 1951 build. I'll drag the supposedly original engine out of the back tomorrow and see if I can get a number off it, and see if there's anything to be learnt from the chassis plate under the radiator surround.
Dad at the helm, ready for a tow up the driveway

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